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USA Soccer Fans To Pay $13k To Follow USMNT To 2022 World Cup Final In Qatar

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After failing to qualify in 2018, the US Men’s National Team is back on the world stage and set to play its first game at the World Cup in Qatar on Nov. 21.

The top online sportsbooks give the US Men’s National Team a 50 percent chance of qualifying from Group B and a 17.4 percent chance of winning the group.

While most fans will be watching from home, a select few patriots will make the trip to the Middle East to cheer on the USMNT on their quest to reach the World Cup quarter-final for the first time since 2002.

Using data provided to The Sports Daily, we have compiled the cost of traveling to Qatar to watch the USMNT’s three games against Group B opponents with a friend, including flights, accommodation, car rental, and more.

With the 2022 World Cup right around the corner, we’ll explore the cost of following the USMNT from the opening game until the beginning of the knockout stages and all the way to the World Cup Final.

For two people to travel from New York and attend all three of the USMNT matches in Group B, it would cost about $11,474.18 or $5,737.09 per person, provided they stayed in a hotel.

That number can drop down to $7,514.18 or $3,757.09 per person if they decide to stay in the World Cup fan village, which offers more affordable accommodations.

For fans that want to stay until the World Cup Final, that cost could increase to $13,223.09 with hotel accommodations and $7,063.09 in the fan village.

Just for tickets, beverages, and stadium food, the cost of two friends attending Group B matches comes out to about $280 per person.

Check out some of the prices for attending World Cup games below.


Fan Village
(Per Person)

(Per Person)

Group B Games
(Nov 21. – Nov 29)

$3,757.09 $5,737.09
World Cup Final
(Nov. 21 – Dec. 18)


Cost of Attending The World Cup From The USA

The cost for two people to follow the USA Soccer team on their journey in Qatar will range between $3,868.09 to $5,848.09 per person, depending on your accommodation of choice.

However, that figure only takes into account buying the cheapest World Cup tickets during the Group B games, which range from $70 to $220 per ticket.

It also involves staying in Qatar for just the eight days between the USMNT’s first Group B game on Nov. 21 until its final game on Nov. 29.


Cost/Game  for 2 People

Total Cost for 3 Group B Games 

4 Beers each

109.84 329.52
Burger/Salad 24.72



5.5 16.5
Group B Tickets 140






For just under $4,000, fans can afford a beef burger or salad at each game, along with a water and four Budweiser beers, the maximum allowed at the World Cup.

It also involves flying from New York, where the price of a plane ticket will cost about $2,203. Traveling from California $2,087 was slightly cheaper while flights from Atlanta cost a whopping $3,493.

Check out a breakdown of the data below.


Cost ($)






Car Rental ($42/day)


Hotel Accommodation ($650/day)

Flight (from NY)



Per Person Cost



While the cheapest group stage tickets cost around $70 on average, watching the knockout stages will cost a pretty penny.

Tickets to knockout stage games will start around $96 and increase every round thereafter.


Meanwhile, tickets for the World Cup Final will reportedly start at $603.36 per game and Category 1 tickets will cost a whopping $1,604.39. Of course, nearly all of the games have already sold out, so most tickets are only available on the secondary market.

If the USMNT reaches the World Cup Final, the per person cost could skyrocket by at least $1,263.73 in ticket fees and $3,150 in accommodation fees at the fan village, which would bring the total cost per person to $7,063.085.

For those staying in a hotel, the cost per person would balloon to $13,223.09.

World Cup Final

Cost for 2 People
4 Beers






Car Rental ($42/day)


Hotel ($650/day)




Per Person


Cost of Food and Drinks at World Cup Matches In Qatar

Want to grab a bite to eat in the World Cup Fan Zone?

The concessions serve a wide variety of food, including burgers, pizza, shawarma, sandwiches, and salads.

Prices range from $6.87 to $12.36, depending on your choice.

At approximately $12.36, beef burgers and salads are the most expensive choices on the menu but there are also more economical choices on the fan zone menu, including shawarma, sandwiches, and pizza.

Alcoholic beverages are only served after 7pm and patrons are limited to just four beers per person. Each Budweiser will cost World Cup fans $13.73 while soft drinks ($4.10) and water ($2.75) are offered at more reasonable prices.

Check out the food prices in the World Cup Fan Zone.



Beef Burger



Chicken Burger 35


Vegan Burger

30 8.24
Pepperoni Pizza 30


Margherita Pizza

25 6.87
Beef Shawarma 30


Chicken Shawarma

25 6.87
Sandwich 35


Greek Salad

45 12.36
Caesar Salad 45



10 2.75
Soft Drink 15





Flights and Accommodation

While fans can follow the USMNT’s journey in Qatar for as little as $3,757.09, that number can jump even higher if fans don’t elect to buy the cheapest World Cup tickets or stay in the fan villages in Qatar, where accommodation hovers around $210 per night.

With the knockout rounds beginning on Dec. 3, 2022, staying in the fan villages until then would cost approximately $2,940.

For our analysis, we stayed only until the night of Nov. 29, after the USMNT’s final Group B game, for a total of nine nights.

Fan village tents accommodate two people in close quarters living but there are also other options for USA Soccer fans traveling to Qatar.

Accommodations are also available on cruise ships for about $180 per night, however, staying in a hotel would drive up the cost significantly.

The average hotel in Qatar will cost around $650 per night during the group stages. With the USMNT playing their final Group Stage game versus Iran on November 29, the typical hotel stay could cost as much as $5,850 and even more if the USMNT qualifies for the knockout rounds.

For hotel dwellers, the cost per person to attend the World Cup from the USMNT’s first game on Nov. 21 until its last Group B game on Nov. 29 would cost around $5,737.09.

Our estimates also took into account the cost of renting a car in Qatar, which was priced at about $42 per day during the World Cup.


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