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Hasan Minhaj still oddsmakers favourite to take over The Daily Show following ‘Emotional Truths’ revelations

Max Barlow
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The world of late-night television has long been a thrilling ride of laughs, debates, and cultural insights. With the departure of Trevor Noah from “The Daily Show,” a void has been created, leaving room for speculation and excitement. As the search for the new host intensifies, several comedians like Hasan Minhaj, Leslie Jones, and Sarah Silverman are in the spotlight, all vying for the opportunity to take over the legendary desk. Let’s explore the credentials of each potential candidate to be the new “Daily Show” host, and see how the betting odds align with their respective talents and experiences.

Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” has been a breeding ground for influential voices in comedy. With a legacy carried on by the likes of Jon Stewart and Trevor Noah, filling those shoes is no easy task.

The recent decision to choose a new host has sparked conversations and bets on who will take the helm. From seasoned comedians to rising stars, the choices are as diverse as they are intriguing. But before we delve deeper into the candidates, let’s take a look at the odds and what they reveal.

Odds to be New Host of “The Daily Show”

Next Daily Show Host Odds
Hasan Minhaj -200
Leslie Jones +450
Sarah Silverman +600
Kal Penn +1200
Marlon Wayans +1400
Roy Wood Jr. +1600
Wanda Sykes +2000
Jon Stewart +10000
James Corden +50000


  • Hasan Minhaj has 67% chance of becoming new “Daily Show” host
  • Leslie Jones second favorite to take over from Trevor Noah
  • Sarah Silverman +600 to be new host of “The Daily Show”
  • Jon Stewart 100/1 to make comeback

Hasan Minhaj Odds-On Favorite to be Next Host of “The Daily Show”

Hasan Minhaj is emerging as the top contender to take over “The Daily Show,” with a strong probability of seizing the opportunity. A former correspondent for The Daily Show between 2014 and 2018, his odds of -200 signify a probability of 67 percent that he will take over from Trevor Noah.

Hasan Minhaj still looks to be favourite to take over The Daily Show following ‘Emotional Truths’ revelations.

With a unique profile, including an Emmy-winning political satire talk show “Patriot Act,” Minhaj stands as a candidate who has successfully blended comedy with political insights.

His performances at events like the 2017 White House Correspondents Dinner and his acclaimed Netflix special “Homecoming King” further add to his appeal. The odds seem to fall perfectly in line with Minhaj’s credentials.

Leslie Jones: Ready to Break New Ground

The charismatic Leslie Jones has explicitly stated her desire to be considered for the host role. Hosting three episodes in January, she impressed viewers and connected effortlessly with the staff. Jones argues that it’s time for a black woman to grace late-night television, and the odds of +450 mean she is second favorite to be the next “Daily Show” host.

With her distinct comedic style and vibrant personality, she has a way of resonating with audiences. Her experience on “Saturday Night Live” and various film roles have equipped her with the skills needed to handle the spotlight. Leslie’s potential takeover as host could signal an exciting new direction for the show, and her odds reflect the industry’s confidence in her abilities.

Sarah Silverman Among Favorites to Replace Trevor Noah

Sarah Silverman’s odds of +600 to be the next “Daily Show” host are indicative of her well-recognized talent in the comedy world. Known for her sharp wit and unapologetic humor, Silverman has a way of making bold statements with grace.

Her own Hulu show, “I Love You, America with Sarah Silverman,” displayed her ability to navigate political waters with humor, making her a fitting candidate for the role. Her potential as host offers an intriguing possibility that many fans of “The Daily Show” would likely embrace.

Unlikely That Jon Stewart Will Make a Comeback

The idea of Jon Stewart making a comeback to “The Daily Show” seems far-fetched, yet it’s an intriguing possibility with odds of 100/1. As the former host who shaped the show into a politically charged platform of satire and insight, his return would undoubtedly be a monumental event.

Stewart’s intellect and humorous take on current affairs have left a lasting impression on late-night television. Though his focus on other projects since leaving the show makes his return unlikely, fans can’t help but hold out hope for a surprise comeback.

The odds reflect this rarity, but in the ever-changing world of television, one can never rule out such a sensational twist. Stewart’s return would be a nostalgic nod to an era that redefined political comedy.

Others in the Mix

Though not the among the favorites, individuals like Wanda Sykes (+2000), Kal Penn (+1200), and Marlon Wayans (+1400) all possess unique talents that could align with The Daily Show’s identity.

From Kal Penn’s experience in both acting and politics to Wanda Sykes’ impeccable comedic timing, these dark horse contenders offer an array of flavors. While they are at slight bigger odds than some others in line for the hosting role, they cannot be ruled out.

However, we can likely rule out a return for James Corden, who is a 500/1 shot to get the “Daily Show” gig. It seems America has had enough of the British “comedian.”


Nick Raffoul Head of News for Legal Sportsbooks commented: “The betting odds surrounding the new “Daily Show” host reveal an exciting mix of potential, nostalgia, and the unexpected, Hasan Minhaj’s favoritism speaks to his aptitude and resonance with the show’s ethos, while Leslie Jones and Sarah Silverman represent fresh and bold directions.

“The 100/1 odds on Jon Stewart, though unlikely, resonate with the longing for his sharp and insightful commentary. These numbers encapsulate the anticipation, speculation, and the pulse of an audience eagerly awaiting the next era of “The Daily Show.” The late-night landscape is on the cusp of change, and these odds are a dynamic snapshot of what’s possible.”

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