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Exclusive OnlyFans Model Elle Brooke interview: I want to fight Ronda Rousey in the WWE ring; OF model started boxing because she thought Anthony Joshua was hot; Boxing & OnlyFans go well together

Elle Brooke
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Speaking to Legal Sportsbooks, OnlyFans model and crossover boxing star Elle Brooke calls out 3 fighters including UFC hall of famer, Ronda Rousey.

The influencer boxer also reveals that her crush Anthony Joshua is the reason she got into boxing.

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Interview Highlights:

  • Calls out 3 fighters! (incl. Ronda Rousey)
  • I only watched boxing for Anthony Joshua because he’s hot
  • Katie Taylor is my inspiration, she’s the GOAT
  • Boxing & OnlyFans go well together
  • I get called ‘Brock Lesnar’ online everyday by boxing trolls

Full Transcript

Question: If WWE came calling would you be interested in getting involved in wrestling?

Elle Brooke: “Yes definitely! I was never a religious WWE fan but I knew what it was obviously and I’d absolutely love to do it. I’d love to fight Ronda Rousey one day. I’m not at her level right now but that’s something to work towards – that’s if she’d ever fight me. She’d probably want millions and I’m probably not famous enough to do that. But the sky’s the limit! I watch a lot of wrestling clips on my TikTok feed and I think it’s so impressive what they can do. It doesn’t look too aggressive, they’re not trying to kill each other like in the UFC! That’s not for me. I don’t fancy an elbow to the face!”

Q: How do you feel about the prospect of fighting Astrid Wett?

EB: “I would absolutely love that fight. That fight would be the female version of Jake Paul vs KSI. You can’t get any deeper because not only is there beef and we don’t like each other but that’s a fight that got cancelled so no one ever got to see it. I’d love to take her belt. I’d absolutely love to but right now we’re on our different journeys. I have the Kingpyn tournament and she’ll have to keep defending her belt. In an ideal world, I keep winning and she’ll keep winning. Then I’ll win a belt at my weight and we can set up this mega fight down the line. That would be the best case scenario. Our brands are so similar and I DM’d her asking for the boxing match in the first place. While I don’t hate her, I would love to fight her. I do find her really irritating and she does things on the internet just to wind me up. At my Misfits public workout she was filming me and calling me a man and I was like’ oh my god I hate you!’. She just exists in this world to wind me up, so now I exist to take her belt.”

Q: Ebanie Bridges is a good friend of yours but would you ever fight her?

EB: “Yeah we’re exactly the same weight so it could happen! If you put us next to each other we’re like twins in terms of our body structure and everything. I’d absolutely love to fight her but she’d beat the crap out of me right now! Maybe I’ll do what boxers do, like the Misfits guys and influencers boxers do and I’ll wait for Ebanie to turn 45 and then I’ll fight her! So yeah maybe in 10 years time I’ll fight her. Oh no, did I just call her out!”

Q: What inspired you to get into boxing? 

EB: “Kingpyn Boxing DM’d me and I was a bit hesitant at first because I honestly had no idea about boxing but then I was like ‘yeah OK cool why not give it a go’. I was definitely a casual boxing fan previously. If Anthony Joshua was fighting I’d watch him because he’s hot and I’d watch the other very hyped fights like Tyson Fury or whatever but I couldn’t tell you a middleweight other than Canelo for example. But boxing has taken over my life now I’m in the gym six days a week. It was definitely sink or swim and the first day I met Mark Tibs he made me do a fitness test to decide whether he would train me or not, so he definitely threw me in the deep end! I was sparring within two or three weeks and the girl I was fighting was absolutely huge.”

Q: Katie Taylor is fighting Chantelle Cameron next month, how much of an inspiration are they to you?

EB: “I’m super excited about it. I’m not going out to Dublin but I wish I was. I’m friends with Chantelle Cameron and it’s her belts on the line and Katie Taylor is having to go up in weight. I think Chantelle is a lot bigger than Katie so I think she’s definitely going to have the advantage. Katie is a huge inspiration. The fact that she went into the amateurs pretending to be a boy because in Ireland back then it was illegal to box as a female! It’s crazy how much everything has changed. She’s a pioneer in women’s boxing. If you think of the greatest of all time you’re going to think of Katie Taylor.”

Q: Do you think going into boxing has boosted your Only Fans profile?

EB: “Not majorly but it’s good that I can upkeep my Only Fans and still box at the same time. They do go hand in hand and I’ve already grown my Only Fans, whereas other content creators who have started boxing are having to take a major hit in terms of the amount of content they can put out because boxing is so hard and time consuming. You have to work at it for hours and it’s so tiring. For me at the moment the two go well together.”

Q: How do you deal with your haters?

EB: “I used to read a lot of hate comments and everyone would tell me not to read them but it’s easier said than done. You want to read the comments, the good and the bad because you want to have feedback. If you stop reading them then your feelings don’t get hurt. Because you can have 100 nice compliments but that one thing that preys on your insecurity or the one thing you didn’t want to hear, that’s the comment that you remember all day. I’ve really struggled and I don’t read my comments any more because it just upsets me. The amount of times I still get called Brock Lesnar every day! How is that still a thing?! You’ve got to try and be light hearted about it. No one has ever written a hate comment about me who is more successful than me. It’s just kids behind fake profile pictures. I’m sorry my mum raised me right and taught me not to write mean things about people.”

Elle Brooke

Elle Brooke is a social media personality and OnlyFans model. The online star began her crossover into influencer boxing in 2022 and has a record of 3 wins and 0 losses.